W WhatsApp Manager


> WhatsApp Status Saver

You will be able to save the image and video status using the application. You need to open the status first and then using the application you can save or share the image or video saved.

> WhatsApp Message Reminder

You can save and remind yourself for a message so that you can send it later. You will be able to select time and date when the message should be forwarded to your contact.

> Save message as a draft

Save the most used message like Address, Phone Numbers and send them later. This feature is useful when you're more frequent in sending the same kind of messages to different users.

> Send Message to unsaved contacts

This feature will allow you to send a message to contacts that are not present in your contact list.

> File Cleaner

Clean Images that are not required and are old. The application list different type of files such as images, pptx, docs, etc so that you can save some space on your device.